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Each January, thousands of Americans think about the changes they want to make in the upcoming year. For many, losing weight and getting healthy is a top priority. In 2010, Culpeper Regional Health System and Germanna Community College developed a program to make it easier for community members to achieve that goal.

Drop it! The Healthy Living and Weight Loss Challenge began as a program to help local families live healthier lifestyles. With the generous support of local philanthropists, Joe and Linda Daniel, and Culpeper Regional Health System, the program also became a fundraiser for nursing and allied health education programs in the region. For every pound lost by challenge participants, $50 was donated to the fund.

On January 23, 2010 we kicked off the first Drop it! Healthy Living & Weight Loss Challenge with a health fair at the Daniel Technology Center. More than 2,200 individuals attended the fair to enjoy free health screenings, fitness demonstrations, educational booths and great activities for children. Over 1,700 people signed up for the challenge. As a whole, the community lost an astonishing 3,132.2 pounds during the 12 weeks, which translated into $156,610 for allied health and nursing programs in the region.

In 2011, over 2,500 people attended our kick-off health fair, and more than 1,900 individuals signed up for the challenge. Of those, 518 participants completed the challenge for a total collective weight loss of 4,051.6 pounds! This amazing community effort raised $202,580 for the nursing and allied health education fund.

In 2012, the Drop it! challenge brought nearly 2,000 participants, with 25.2% completing the 12-week living and weight loss challenge. The community as a whole lost 3,065.04 pounds.



Our Biggest Losers




Drop It! 2013 Winners

Teen Weight Loss Challenge

  • Jacquelyn McMillion, age 16 - Lost 8.67% of her original body weight
  • Beth Dutter, age 13 - Lost 8.56% of her original body weight
  • Alexis Knipfer, age 16 - Lost 5.27% of her original body weight


Weight Loss Challenge Winners

  • Brooke Luke, age 30 - Lost 16.96% of her original body weight
  • Jennifer Vulyak, age 41 - Lost 16.82% of her original body weight
  • Karen McGown, age 55 - Lost 15.66% of her original body weight




2012 DropIt Winners

2012 Drop It! Winners

Drop It! 2012 Winners

Teen Weight Loss Challenge

  • Beth Dutter, age 12 – Lost 8.88% of her original body weight

  • Bailey Adams, age 15 – lost 7.50% of his original body weight

  • Jacob Galenski, age 12 – lost 3.03% of his original body weight


Weight Loss Challenge Winners

  • Sherrie Kuhstoss, age 37 – Lost 22.91% of her original body weight

  • Tabitha Ferris, age 29 – Lost 22.87% of her original body weight

  • Liz Ballard, age 27 – Lost 22.13% of her original body weight


At the 2011 Drop It! press conference, Vince Willging (center)
is congratulated on his success by (from left)
Joe and Linda Daniel, Lee Kirk and Joseph Smith.


Drop It! 2011 1st Place Winner

Vince Willging, CT/MRI Tech at Culpeper Regional Hospital

Weight Loss: 22% of his body weight

Goal for 2012 Challenge: Focus on the physical fitness by working on toning and getting into better shape.

Words of Advice: My biggest advice is that it can be done. I know it’s easy to get discouraged, so you really have to put your mind to it. And it’s not something you can do with a fad diet. If you want to lose weight, and you want to keep it off, it has to be a lifestyle change.

Thoughts on the Challenge: I’m inspired by the incentive the health system and the Daniels have created here. Not only is the challenge a great incentive for everyone to be able to help out the community by raising money for nursing, it’s a great incentive to get people started on a healthy weight loss and exercise program. Once you experience the health benefits, and you start feeling good about yourself, that’s really the most important reward from the challenge.


2010 Drop It! winner Joseph Smith shows the old scrubs
he wore at the start of the 12-week challenge.


Drop It! 2010 1st Place Winner

Joseph Smith, Registered Nurse at Culpeper Regional Hospital

Weight Loss: 23% of his body weight

Words of advice: Find a strong support system. My wife was tremendous. She fixed a separate meal for me each night and put up with me going to the gym, sometimes twice a day. She also participated in the challenge with me.

Goal for 2012 Challenge: Focus on muscle building and strength training.

During the second challenge in 2011, Joseph lost 16% of his body weight, earning him 6th place. He also won the drawing for the 1-year membership to Powell Wellness.

Thoughts on the Challenge: It was very exciting to win the first challenge. I’m a very competitive guy, having played sports all my life, and I’m the type of person who likes to see things through. And even though I didn’t lose the most weight during the second challenge, I was really pleased to win the Powell Wellness Center membership. Of course, any time you improve your health, the money and prizes are secondary. The fact that I got healthier, and did something for myself and my family, that was the real prize.


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